Procedural Anatomy for the Implant Surgeon –

April 14, 2023

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The fundamental understanding of maxillofacial anatomy is critical in order to place implants safely, reduce complications, and avoid unnecessary patient dissatisfaction with procedural outcomes.  Through an intimate comprehension of relevant implant anatomy, the practitioner may execute a SAFER approach to implant placement. 

It is my goal to help practitioners incorporate relevant anatomical knowledge into procedures and to show practitioners a SAFER approach to procedures.  Through a methodical approach utilizing anatomical knowledge, emergencies and complications may be addressed holistically.  Anatomical knowledge relevant to implant placement is essential in the planning and procurement of a successful lasting implant case.  With this pertinent knowledge, the implant surgeon may develop the confidence to handle difficult cases with the aim to restore function and aesthetics.

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Dr. Abtin Shahriari

Dr. Abtin Shahriari

Primary Instructor