Implant Prosthetics; Impressions, Emergence Profile, Provisionalization

July 13-14, 2024

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Implant restorations have always presented themselves with clinical and technical challenges, from working in the clinic with the patient, to the laboratory bench, and to the need for improved communication between the involved team members. While the speed of the technology has improved, so has the way we technically manage our prosthetics. 

What hasn’t changed is the sound prosthodontic principles. Accurate Seating of the impression posts and abutments, transfer of this information to the lab via digital scan or analog techniques is critical. 

This lecture will highlight some of the clinical challenges, materials and protocols needed to predictably restore implants with predictability and esthetics in mind. Prosthetic management of the soft tissue contours will also be addressed via emergence profiles and contoured provisional restorations.

Lecture Objectives:

  • Cover common treatment modalities for fixed implant candidates
  • Understand factors involved in technical transfer of implant location
  • Review role of CAD/CAM, optical scan, 3D software and printing
  • Understand indications & processes for immediate provisionalization
  • Understand the role of CBCT and 3D software for diagnosis and planning
Dr. Marcelo Silva

Dr. Marcelo Silva

Primary Instructor

Dr. Maurice Salama

Dr. Maurice Salama

Secondary Instructor