Diagnosis & Extraction Site Management

Nov 11-12, 2023

Course Details

Implant site preservation and development is the concept of maintaining the volume and architecture of both the soft and hard tissues. It is critical to minimize tissue loss during extraction to conserve the natural ridge form and architecture for future implant placement, especially true in the anterior region.

The discussion will focus on some of the most commonly asked questions in implant dentistry:

  1. Should grafting be performed after tooth extraction?
  2. Which are the best graft materials to use? 
  3. What type of interim provisional restorations to use in order to minimize tissue loss? 
  4. What is the current research, and what diagnostic tools lead to the correct decisions regarding immediate implant placement versus delayed implant placement?
  5. How best to manage cases within the esthetic zone to maintain natural contours?

This course is designed for any clinician managing extraction sites and who places implants in all areas of the mouth.

Course Objectives Include being able to answer the following questions:

  • To understand the most recent research and literature on Extraction Sites 
  • Know minimally invasive tooth removal techniques and instrumentation
  • Remove broken and difficult teeth with minimal flap reflection
  • What to look for in choosing a graft material 
  • Techniques for optimal healing and ridge form
  • Learn how to manage the post-extraction sites in order to minimize ridge contour loss
  • Understand the pros and cons of immediate versus delayed implant placement
  • Learn when to Flap and when you can perform incisionless treatment
  • Learn to describe minimally invasive bone grafting techniques for the compromised implant site
Dr. Marcelo Ferrer Balart

Dr. Marcelo Ferrer Balart

Primary Instructor

Dr. Maurice Salama

Dr. Maurice Salama

Secondary Instructor