Advanced Bone Augmentation Techniques in Management of Horizontal, Vertical, and 3-Dimensional Defects

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Successful implant therapy requires optimal hard and soft tissue and carefully positioned implants aligned with anatomic restorations. The bone sets the tone for beginning this journey. Bone loss may occur physiologically following tooth loss or from periodontal disease, infection, trauma, or central bony lesions. Such processes often lead to horizontal, vertical, or combination defects compromising function and aesthetics. The first step in the rehabilitation of such patients is developing sufficient bone quality and quantity, which are critical for the support and longevity of the implants under occlusal load. With altered anatomy and biology of defective sites and variations in their type and size, clinicians must carefully choose the proper techniques and materials that provide the best results.

Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi will present evidence-based techniques and materials for restoring horizontal, vertical, and 3-dimensional bone deficiencies in this advanced bone augmentation course. He will discuss block graft, bone veneering, and GBR approaches for augmenting such defects. Additionally, Dr. Kazemi will present applications of autogenous, allogeneic, and xenogeneic bone materials and resorbable and non-resorbable GBR membranes. Furthermore, he will describe a step-by-step process for harvesting autogenous bone from various donor sites. In the didactic section, he presents the diagnostic, planning, and execution of advanced bone augmentation procedures and post-operative care. The hands-on training will expand the didactics and teach you the skills to perform such operations with confidence in your practice.

Participants will learn:

  • Classification of bony defects and selection process for defect-specific techniques
  • Digital planning for bone augmentation
  • Pre-bone graft soft tissue conditioning
  • Harvesting techniques for autogenous block and particulate bone
  • Bone veneering (Khoury) technique
  • Lasso GBR technique
  • Block graft approach for restoration of horizontal and vertical deficiencies
  • GBR techniques using non-resorbable ti-reinforced cytoplast membranes and titanium mesh
  • Bone and membrane fixation techniques
  • Application of biologics in bone augmentation
  • Incision, flap design, and tension-less closure techniques
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Dr. Ryan Kazemi

Dr. Ryan Kazemi

Primary Instructor